Welcome to our Yoga & Wellness Sanctuary. Providing you a spacious, well-equipped studio with a convenient location in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Feel at home when you practice here. Come to energize, optimize, rest & restore. We offer daily classes & workshops for everyone.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

In this class, you work towards building strength and increasing flexibility in the body whilst releasing stress and tension. It’s an open level, feel good class and modifications are offered throughout. Complete the experience with 30 mins Shavasana for a relaxing Soundbath if you wish!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a very slow practice focusing on gentle stretches seated on the floor. These poses are held for 1-5 minutes to target the fascia and deep connective tissues in and around our joints. This approach encourages better mobility, flexibility and circulation in the body.

Hatha Yoga

At the start of this class you will spend time to wake up the energy within you with powerful breathing practice. Next, you will feel the sense of grounding and peace that comes through the flow of asanas she leads you through. This 60 min session gives you space to connect with your breath and feel the energy throughout the whole body

Calm Flow Yoga

In this class Sagar leads you through a warmup, Sun Salutations and a wide range of yoga poses guiding you to link each movement to the breathe. He spends dedicated time with each person to assist them into the poses in a safe and thorough way. A great option for the end of the working week to lead you into the weekend!

Prenatal Yoga

Being a mum of twins herself, Jen is a certified prenatal instructor and loves providing this class at the studio. It creates a community for pregnant women to connect and the practice is full of stretches, gentle flow between poses, some stillness and some reflection.

Sound Baths

Gently Yoga

A gentle yoga class with Jen is exactly that. Yoga that includes poses to stretch and strengthen the body but with a slower pace and not so dynamic as a regular flow class. It’s ideal for people who are newer to yoga, ladies who are pregnant or for anyone who just wants a gentle class.

Yin Yang Yoga

The Yin Yang class is a blend of two yoga styles – a mix of dynamic vinyasa flow where breath is matched with movement and then also passive long held stretches in restorative poses – to leave you feeling both more energized & refresh yet stretched & relaxed.

Breathe & Core

Appropriate for all levels. Expect meditation, prayanama, sun salutations, and intergrating some mat Pilates movements. This class allows you to arrive and enjoy quiet stillness, warm up and strengthen your core muscles, and leave class ready to enter the rest of your day with vitality and equanimity.

"Jen is an incredible yoga & mindfulness teacher. I have been a loyal student for many years and will continue to do so!"

"The Sound Healing Experience brings me to a whole other world, allowing me to let go of the daily stress and worries.

London, 2022

"Jen has been able to support me with a lot of physical challenges that other experts were not able to handle"

Bali, 2022